According to Sierra Magazine, our planet has entered a new epoch. The increase of carbon in Earth’s atmosphere within the past two years has brought on the Anthropogenic (or “human”) Age.”

The Trump administration and the oil/coal/chemical lobbyists who head the Department of the Interior and Environmental Protection Agency not only lowered the standard of carbon emissions for vehicles and industries, they opened public lands, including the Grand Canyon and Arctic Wildlife Refuge, to mining and drilling. Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, the world’s largest temperate forest, is slated for clear-cutting. Due to chemical-dousing of crops, the pollinating-bumblebee species is endangered. These and many other atrocities were permitted to boost the nation’s economy and make the upper-1 percent richer.

If the Senate continues to support these oil-drilling, earth-fracking, mountain-exploding, tree-cutting, water-contaminating operations, the human species will become extinct. However, if Congress starts supporting renewable energy technology, protects forests and allots funds for restoring Earth’s biosphere, our civilization has a chance of surviving and possibly thriving.

Please urge your senators to oppose the nomination of all oil/coal/chemical lobbyists and approve the New Green Deal, which addresses all these issues.

Hazel Landers


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