Robert Mueller has publicly spoken. There was Russian inference in the 2016 presidential election.

Because of intelligence intercepts, the Department of Justice legally authorized an investigation into this activity. Volume 1 of the Mueller report documents the interactions between the Russians and the Trump campaign. Though there were numerous contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russians, there was insufficient legal evidence to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt there was collusion.

Volume 2 of the report documented numerous attempts by the president to obstruct the Mueller investigation. Under current DOJ policies, however, a sitting president cannot be indicted for federal crimes. The committee, therefore, did not recommend indictment. “If we could have cleared the president (of any wrongdoing) we would have,” the report said.

Mueller has completed his work. He has documented what happened. There was Russian intervention in the 2016 presidential election in order to elect Mr. Trump. The campaign met with the Russians. The president put pressure on key personnel to stifle the Mueller investigation. Mueller’s team couldn’t indict the president for obstruction due to DOJ policy.

It’s now time for Congress to uphold its charter. Will the nation now provide patriots or sunshine soldiers?

John Dickey


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