I fully understand the concern of many regarding illegal immigration and our broken system for dealing with those who flee violence and poverty for a better life. What I don’t understand is the emphasis the writer of the Sept. 29 letter, “The president is right to curb immigration,” places upon the decline of white public school enrollment.

He cites statistics and projections as if such a decline is an affront to the very well-being and fabric of our country.

Is the writer saying it is un-American to be anything but white? What does race or skin color have to do with the worth of a person? Even the Indian tribes who occupied this land before the English settlers (immigrants) arrived were not white.

When my son was 10, he told me why he loves our neighborhood. He said, “It’s like the world.” He’s right. Our neighbors are white, black, Hispanic and Asian and we are all enriched by our various backgrounds and our commonalities.

Diversity is not something to be feared or squelched. Our country’s changing demographics are not a negative development. Diversity can and does contribute to America’s strength.

The key is acceptance and recognizing what each person offers.

Marcia James


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