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People hold up signs supporting the short-term suspension policy change at the Guilford County Schools board meeting in Greensboro on Tuesday.

Instead of spending so much time and energy counting how many black, white, Hispanic and other students are suspended, folks arguing so adamantly for the new Guilford County Schools suspension appeals policy should decide how they can be a part of the solution to help all students “do the right thing” and not be in a position to be suspended.

Students are not suspended because of ethnicity or skin color. Suspension is a result of students disrupting or creating a dangerous environment in the school.

Not once did I hear a “pro-appeals person” speak of student accountability, or of encouraging our students to strive to hold themselves to a high standard. I challenge each of them to do what many of us do: work to give students the experiences that motivate them to want to learn and to be good citizens. Students who are constantly bailed out have two strikes against them and a dim future ahead.

For our GCS administration and more than half of the school board to hold our schools’ administrations in such low esteem is a sad state. If we can’t trust our principals and assistant principals to make the right decisions, why entrust them with our students day in and day out?

Susan Tysinger


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