Democrats, the self-proclaimed party against discrimination and hate, have reversed course. They now favor all three if they get to dictate whom to discriminate against, which groups to hate, which groups to harass, and whom to blacklist. Their war against men (especially white men), Christians, policemen, rule of law, common sense, self-sufficiency, rugged individualism and truth proves their stump speeches are only lip service. There is nothing that is “grass-roots” about their protests and anti-business boycotts, staged violence at Trump rallies and other vile, deceitful acts against conservatives. They have shadow groups hiding behind nonprofits, street violence, and border protests, all geared to “make the majority believe they are a minority” so it will shut up and give up. Rush Limbaugh found a group of 10 responsible for the thousands of letters of protest sent to his sponsors. Bottom line: It is almost impossible for today’s left to win elections except in the most radical, dysfunctional areas (San Francisco, Los Angeles , Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit, i.e., long-term liberal cities). Voters are finally seeing the true colors of their once-respectable party.

Janice Wangard


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