Chicken Little

Here comes Chicken Little again.

Having failed with sky falling lies about collusion, obstruction, concentration camps, and racism, the Democrats/media have decided to now turn over their last hole card and go all in on defeating President Trump’s re-election: dark, ominous clouds of an impending recession.

Recessions are mostly not caused by mysterious economic forces, but by hundreds of millions of individual economic decisions made by investors and consumers based on their fears of recession and it thus becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So in headlining some obscure “warning signals,” media lay the groundwork for a campaign of scaring the economy into recession. Decisions like buying a house, car or new furniture; or going on vacation; or even day-to-day expenses can be influenced by these scare tactics.

But succeeding in bringing on recession to get rid of Trump once again exposes the Democrats’ disregard for their most loyal constituents. Those who just found a real job or a better job will suddenly have no job. Last hired, first fired.

Then the Democrats can blame it on Trump, all the while welcoming their most loyal supporters back to the world of multi-generational dependency. Just when they thought they were out, they get pulled back.

William Warner

High Point

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