Regarding your May 11 editorial, “USPS forever”: The problems at the U.S. Postal Service have little to do with the pandemic. Despite that, the Postal Service received $10 billion in additional borrowing authority in the March 27 stimulus measure. On May 8, the USPS said it “expects that it will have sufficient liquidity to continue operating through at least May 2021.” It does not need another bailout but rather to work with Congress over the next year to restructure operations and implement a new business model. In fact, the Government Accountability Office, Congress’ independent auditor, stressed this in a study it issued, also on May 8.

Louis DeJoy’s highly regarded business acumen will provide a jolt of fresh thinking and energy to the Postal Service, as it recovers and thrives. He has served the Postal Service as a contractor and built a business that created 9,000 jobs despite strong competition. Yes, he gives to political causes, but he is also a widely respected philanthropist. We should all welcome and encourage him as the next postmaster general.

Paul Steidler


The writer is a senior fellow at the Lexington Institute, a public policy think tank in Arlington, Va.

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