Trump walks at White House (copy) (copy)

You recently published a letter (Nov. 26) in which an angry Republican railed that Democrats are assaulting “rugged individualism,” common sense and white men, among other things.

Let me share how I feel. I’m looking forward to the day when I never have to look at Trump’s stony, imperious face again.

When I don’t have to read about his daily flood of hateful tweets.

When I don’t have to try to process the latest in an endless string of scandals and behaviors that undermine our welfare and standing in the world.

When I don’t have to watch him pontificating to his base of chanting flatterers at one of those ego-stoking pep rallies.

When I don’t have to live under a poisonous far-right ideology that “succeeds” by pitting Americans against one another.

When people are appointed to high positions in government because of their competence and qualifications, not their blind loyalty to a craven tyrant.

When the party that has gone so far off the rails for Trump is righted and restored to semi-sanity, though it would require every crane in New York City to recover the rusted wreck of the Republican Party from its dark ravine of venality, madness and lies.

Parke Puterbaugh


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