Outraged Americans have been protesting the horrific, inhumane treatment of detainees in detention camps near the Mexican border. Conditions have not improved despite the outcries, and we don’t expect them to, in spite of the per diem per detainee payments of $200 to government facilities and $700 to private contractors.

The media reports on the conditions at detention centers all day long. Democratic members of Congress often bear witness to the beastly treatment of these poor unfortunates looking for a better life.

President Trump seems disinterested in the plight of these detainees and resident undocumented immigrants and seeks only to use them as pawns in his 2020 re-election campaign. Yesterday Vice President Pence reported that he found nothing wrong with the conditions at the detention center he visited despite the fact that the televised coverage documented hundreds of people in large cages screaming for food and water.

Perhaps this horrifying situation at the border is exactly what the Trump administration wants. If the American people are focused on the border, we’re not paying attention to our country being sold off in pieces to foreign interests. Trump’s multi-billion-dollar arms sales to the Saudis lasted one news cycle. We are being played.

Jane Kraemer


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