Parks - Country Park (copy)

Gilbert Howell fishes at Country Park in Greensboro in 2018. 

I, too, wish to share my concerns about the proposed development that may be undertaken by the Greensboro Science Center adjacent to Country Park. While I am a great fan of the Science Center, I would respectfully point out that this beautiful park was named “Country Park” for a reason.

For years it has offered the Greensboro community and its visitors a place to “unwind,” with benches scattered throughout for sitting or reading, woodland trails to walk, a paved loop surrounding two pristine lakes, a place where birds can be heard singing and deer can still be spotted.

A visit to Country Park is like taking a mini-vacation without leaving the city. Frankly, it’s perfect the way it is, a beautifully maintained gem! Why change it and risk losing something so special?

We have the carousel, and surely that creates enough of a tourist draw. I appreciate that the Science Center, like many nonprofits, must consider its bottom line. I just wish it would focus more on “learning-based activities,” something it has always done so well, and less on creating an outdoor fairground setting, especially considering where it is located.

Janet Mackenzie


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