Regarding the City Council’s recent decision to defund its share of the school resource officer program: I am deeply disturbed by this action.

Greensboro police and county sheriff’s deputies have worked very hard to develop and promote a true relationship between SROs and students, teachers and principals, while giving them a safe conduit to report criminal activity at school and being there for students to talk to. Precious time is saved by having these officers in place in our schools. If a call is received, either through Crime Stoppers or the 911 center, officers will now have to be dispatched. That time will be used by student perpetrators or nonstudent trespassers to do more injury or harm, or to destroy evidence or escape arrest.

This unfortunate decision was also made with no inclusion of the sheriff, police chief or school administration. Maybe folks could call Mayor Vaughan or Councilwoman Michelle Kennedy when the next weapon appears on campus, or the next major fight with injuries, or, God forbid, the next active shooter on campus.

Sandy McNeill Tew


The writer is retired from the Greensboro Police Department.

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