On Nov. 23 the Trump Administration released the “National Climate Assessment.” It’s the work of 13 government agencies and more than 300 scientists, and their conclusion is that climate change is a significant threat.

For example, by the end of the century Phoenix could have 150 days/year of 100-plus-degree days.

Rising sea levels could force tens of millions of people from their homes on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

And mosquitoes that spread West Nile and Zika virus and ticks that spread Lyme disease will rapidly expand their ranges.

You have a choice. You can do nothing or you can be concerned about the dangers the report describes.

And if you‘re concerned there’s a solution. On Nov. 27 the “Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act” was introduced jointly by Republican and Democratic congressmen.

This bill addresses the problem of climate change and you can read about it at https://citizensclimatelobby.org/. And at that site you can send a letter to your representative asking for action on this issue.

Climate change “by the end of the century” may seem far away, but a baby born this year has a good chance of living in the world that our actions will create.

George Sweazey


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