An article in the current issue of History magazine describes the development of George Orwell’s political philosophy from his early days as a reporter for a left-wing publication in England until the publication of his novel “1984” in the late 1940s.

During a stint fighting for the Spanish Republic against the fascists, he was shocked to learn that the communists were also trying to assassinate him. He then realized that both communism and fascism are enemies of democracy.

But after World War II, Orwell came to see that the true enemy of a democracy in a constitutional republic is neither right-wing fascism nor left-wing communism, but totalitarianism.

And that both fascism and communism will destroy a free democracy and lead to a totalitarian society.

We already see in America the early sprouts of fascism. But the antidote is not the embrace of a socialism destined to control and bureaucratize the national economy — the precursors of communism.

It is a return to the democratic center that protects the freedom of “We the People.”

Perhaps that is a Biden-Klobuchar ticket.

Michael Freeman


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