The brutal killing of George Floyd was inexcusable.

However, the more brutal act is the abandonment of black children and mothers by fathers who take no responsibility for the children they bring into this world.

Seventy-two percent of black children are born into one-parent households.

This is the primary hindrance to black progress in our country, and this lack of progress will persist until this issue is addressed by black leaders over and over again.

You can tear down all the statues you wish; you can burn up all the neighborhoods you wish; you can march until the cows come home; but it will have zero effect on black poverty until fatherhood is valued by black men.

The same can be said for many white men as well. Fathers impart values. Fathers demand good behavior in the home and school. Fathers lend a feeling of confidence to children knowing he will be there when they come home.

You want justice for black children and mothers? Get black men functioning as fathers as in the past. There is no substitute.

Sam Howe


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