I take exception with Ed Pring’s letter (Dec. 2, “A reminder: N.C. voted for voter ID on Nov. 6”) criticizing a News & Record headline that stated, “N.C. GOP to try voter ID again.”

Mr. Pring stated that the legislature is only trying to fulfill the voter mandate for a voter ID law. While he is correct that N.C. voters approved the concept of a voter ID requirement, he ignores the fact that the legislature is operating in a special called session to do so.

The obvious reason for the called session is to pass a bill before the GOP loses its veto-proof majority in the state legislature in January.

My expectation of any voter ID law passed in this special session will be yet another example of “If they don’t like it, cram it down their throats anyway” to which we’ve been subjected for the past 10 years.

How much taxpayer money is the legislature going to waste this time for the bill to be successfully challenged in court?

My belief is that if the legislative leaders wish to produce a bipartisan bill, it would be introduced in January.

The News & Record’s headline accurately reflected the politics of the special session.

Dale Harrold


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