Bicentennial Greenway

As a member of the 12-county trail advocacy group, Piedmont Legacy Trails, I read with interest the Sunday letter about the Bicentennial Greenway (“More greenways? Yes. But do them right”). The writer did not mention the greenway by name when complaining about its condition. That is part of the problem with what I refer to as Guilford’s forgotten greenway.

It was envisioned in 1988 by Jackie Manzi and Bill Craft as a way to celebrate the bicentennial of the signing the Constitution of the United States. It was largely finished by one dedicated county employee before we even had a county parks department. Piedmont Legacy Trails has been working over the last two years with the county and other parties to properly finish this wonderful connection between Greensboro and High Point. It was never officially opened, and was not celebrated as a connector between two great cities. Even now it needs repairs as sections are more than 25 years old.

So, Guilford, own your greenway and let’s have something to celebrate!

David B. Craft


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