In the recent Mississippi run-off gubernatorial election, electronic voting machines in two counties were found to be changing votes cast for one candidate to votes for his opponent, and reports of similar machine malfunctions are now being investigated in seven additional counties. Still, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell continues to block all proposed legislation on election security.

Every national security agency has confirmed with evidence that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, continues to hack our social media with false information, and will most certainly engage in the election to come. Even readers who believe that Russia did not attempt to influence events in 2016 should be concerned that our electronic voting systems are vulnerable to tampering.

If Russia did not interfere, we nevertheless know for a fact that someone can, and we should take steps to prevent that. Why would anyone oppose increased election security? Who can it possibly harm, unless there are those who could benefit from leaving things as they are?

Readers should demand answers from their national and state legislators. Those who oppose action on election security should lose our votes while those votes still matter.

David Hammond


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