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I am a rising sophomore in high school in Guilford County, and I want to speak on an issue that I am very passionate about and how it has affected my city.

As many of you may have heard, beginning next month, the city of Greensboro will no longer accept glass containers for recycling.

The high cost of glass recycling has been discussed as an issue, but the true cost savings in recycling are the use of energy.

When glass is melted for the second time, it melts at a lower temperature, thus recycling saves energy.

Also, by recycling glass we do our part to reduce CO2₂ emissions — for every six tons of recycled container glass used, a ton of carbon dioxide is reduced.

Our recycled glass can be used to create even more products to help reduce pollution — such as reusable water bottles, which can be used to reduce plastic waste.

I believe that the cost of this does not outweigh the benefits of recycling, which help reduce our carbon footprint in the world.

It may seem as if we are just one city in North Carolina, but soon one adds up to everyone.

Lyndsey Gamble


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