Triad Today Debate (copy)

Republican U.S. Rep. Mark Walker responds to a question during a debate with Democrat Ryan Watts regarding their race for the N.C. 6th Congressional District seat in a "Triad Today" forum on Oct. 24, 2018, at the WXLV-TV/WMYV-TV studio in Winston-Salem.

I read Oct. 24 front-page article and was horrified that my congressman, Mark Walker of Greensboro, joined the group disrupting the inquiry into a whistleblower assertion of potential wrong doing by the administration. Horrified, because I expected Mr. Walker, a man of God, who ran his campaign claiming he supported “people over politics,” would demonstrate mature, measured leadership and allow an investigation of allegations to proceed unhindered by politics to determine whether the claims have merit. As a pastor, is this how he would ask his congregation to behave?

The country is in a partisan war. Mr. Walker should be in favor of finding out the facts, through a deliberative process rather than jumping into the partisan battle. He should be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Facts are stubborn things and the truth will emerge through hard committee work.

Website language and campaign rhetoric matter, but rather than judge someone by his words, watch his actions. I intend to vote for those candidates who will speak and act reasonably, demonstrating leadership by following our Constitution. I’m horrified by Mr. Walker’s actions and disappointed. I expected more.

Bruce Bower


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