I am so proud of the state Senate’s proposed budget, which includes an annual tax increase of $100 on all electric vehicles and $50 on hybrid vehicles.

Let’s help kill incentives to reduce carbon emissions those tree-hugging, socialistic liberals so wrongly worry us about. After all, there is only hard climatological, geological and meteorological proof that the planet is warming.

Everyone knows that the Earth naturally goes through heating and cooling cycles. Doesn’t that relieve us of any obligation to reduce the man-made components that magnify the effects of nature?

Let our kids solve their future problem with artificial breathing devices and fans. Big oil and gas will have to solve the problem sometime in the future. Won’t they?

I also am excited about the possibility of fracking in North Carolina. We, too, could be part of a documentary that shows Tar Heels burning the gas emitted from water faucets when first turned on, having to import potable water because of chemically polluted groundwater (think of the boon to the bottled water industry), and catching up to Oklahomans who have experienced increased seismic activity since the inception of fracking.

Let’s think of profits today and not our children’s future.

John Dickey


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