Tropical Weather (copy)

Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department chief Albert O’Neal, in blue shirt, boats down Sunset Drive on his way to seek out islanders stranded in their flooded homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian on Sept. 6.

Shrinking rain forests, melting glaciers, record high temperatures, toxic oceans, extreme weather — 7.5 billion fools pumping out poison was bound to destroy the Earth sooner or later. It’s just common sense, and the angry politics are utterly useless!

This is the only home we will ever have, so it’s a bad idea to turn it into a wasteland. But the greed and stupidity of human nature will guarantee the Earth’s destruction. Soon 10 billion fools will be pumping out poison. Some children who are alive now will live into the next century and see things we cannot imagine.

I grieve for all of the beautiful animal and plant life we are losing, the polar bears and seals and trees — all God’s endangered species, but it’s human nature to destroy. When mankind became “intelligent” (debatable term!), the Earth was doomed. It was inevitable as soon as we stopped living off the land, and the herds of animals we followed, as soon as we built the first cities, as soon as our population began to explode.

Our only home is dying, but who knows? Maybe we can save it with brilliant ideas like slavery reparations, and more tax cuts for the super rich?

Bob Gaines


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