Issued from her perch of adult crystal clarity, Barbara Moran’s condescending climate crisis apologia (letter, Oct. 1) provides to doubters/deniers a comforting palliative and escape hatch from harsh, existential realities.

We can readily acknowledge the near-universal human quest for a “better life” of greater abundance and creature comforts. However, here is where we have dismally failed: We have been blind, deaf, mute and dumb and dumber in acknowledging the devastating consequences and costs all along the way of that innate quest.

Instead, through innocent ignorance or self-absorbed, neglectful design, we have been fouling our only nest, literally to the point of our threatened extinction.

By all means let us just toss to the wind the simplistic, naïve counsel of youth. Bless their sweet hearts, what can they know?

Well, they can know that we adults are those who in Greta Thunberg’s penetrating and insightful words lack the “maturity” and gumption to save our planet from ruin. “Out of the mouth of babes and suckling’s hast thou ordained strength” (Psalms 8:6); “And a little child shall lead them” (Isaiah 11:6).

An epitaph: In their arrogance grown “weary,” they refused to heed the unlikely prophet’s voice.

E. Jackson Harrington Jr.


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