Flooding aftermath at Lake Daniel Greenway in Westerwood (copy)

Fish lie on the sidewalk in Greensboro’s Westerwood neighborhood, stranded by flooding July 31.

He did himself in

Well, that didn’t last very long.

Democrat Robert Cordle of Charlotte, Gov. Roy Cooper’s choice to lead the state Board of Elections, has resigned after barely warming his seat. Cordle stepped down last week after making an off-color joke about women during a conference of state elections officials.

We don’t know what the joke was and we don’t want to know. But elections board member Gerry Cohen, who was on hand to hear it firsthand, told WRAL that it was “misogynistic and wildly inappropriate for a high-ranking state official to tell. ...”

What could Cordle have been thinking, if was thinking at all?

The governor has not announced a replacement yet, but a fully staffed, stable board is especially critical now, as the state still deals with the repercussions of the Bladen County election scandal and now must choose a vendor for new voting machines.

We had nothing against Cordle, but we questioned the need to replace the previous elections board director, Kim Strach, who had served well. But Strach was appointed by a Republican governor, Pat McCrory.

So Cooper tapped fellow Democrat Cordle to succeed her in May, and now he is gone — done in by his own, breathtaking lack of judgment.

Do you believe in karma?

Was it something they said?

The WUNC-TV public affairs and politics show “N.C. Spin” will end in December.

The show, which featured commentary on state issues from a panel of pundits, was not renewed after nearly 22 years on the air, first on WRAL in Raleigh and now on WUNC.

The interim director of WUNC, Kevin Fitzgerald, called it “a programming decision.” But the show’s host, Tom Campbell, said he suspects this could be payback from criticism on the show of some members of the UNC Board of Governors.

Fitzgerald has acknowledged that he heard some concerns about the show from Board of Governors members. But he said WUNC’s programming was being reassessed as the new director, Lindsey Beirman, is poised to take over on Aug. 12.

Come again? Wouldn’t this be Beirman’s call to make, not an interim director’s?

Campbell told The News & Observer of Raleigh: “If they had a legitimate reason for wanting to do this and I knew they were doing this with other public affairs shows, I might be willing to accept this. But I’m not going to be bullied. I’m not going to be censored, and I’m not going to sit down for this. As I told (Fitzgerald), ‘I will not go quietly into that good night.’ ”

Who could blame him?

When it rained, it poured

Every once in a while between major hurricanes and snowstorms, Mother Nature offers slightly more gentle reminders that she’s in charge ... and we just live here.

Such was the drubbing Greensboro got Wednesday night when a thunderstorm swooped in and dumped between 4 and 7 inches of rain on the area.

That was, for us, two months’ worth of rain in roughly four hours.

The flooding was widespread and impressive (if that’s the right word for it).

For a while, the parking lot of the Revolution Mill complex looked like a small lake. Then there the myriad detours created when floodwaters spilled over major roads. If you were commuting to the Lake Brandt Road area from downtown Greensboro Wednesday night, lotsa luck.

North on Church Street? Nope. Flooded at Cornwallis.

North on Elm? Nope. Flooded just beyond Cone Hospital.

West on Wendover? Nope. Flooded at Latham Park.

North on Battleground? Nope. Inundated, just beyond Green Hill Cemetery.

True to its name, the Friendly Avenue route was less perilous.

A tip of the umbrella to Greensboro police, who were there to redirect traffic from dangerous areas. And especially to the Greensboro Fire Department, which performed 42 water rescues and emergency evacuations.

But keep your umbrella handy. On Thursday night another thunderstorm swept through town, bringing with it more downpours and wicked streaks of lightning. The stormy weather pattern was expected to hold for a few more days.

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