President Donald Trump smiles as pastor Paula White prepares to lead the room in prayer during a dinner Aug. 27 for evangelical leaders in the State Dining Room of the White House.

I journal.

But it’s more than the adult version of putting in writing the angst of a teenage love life, loosely locked inside the pages of a dime-store diary. Effective journaling, science says, helps stave off depression, anxiety and stress.

And with all that’s going on, committing my thoughts to paper has become a necessity. Sometimes my subjects are all my own and other times I use writing prompts to guide my compositions.

Recently, one such prompt suggested writing a letter to a person sharing with them your thoughts or feelings about a recent event, activity or action. Where do I start?

Dear board members and CEO of the Durham Housing Authority: How dare you give the director a $3,000 raise and a $15,000 bonus just four days before 300 residents of McDougal Terrace public housing community were relocated to 12 area hotels because of uninhabitable living conditions. Residents have complained of gas leaks, elevated carbon monoxide emissions from appliances, mold, lead paint, massive sewage problems, roaches, rats, bedbugs and violence.

The board, led by CEO Anthony “Give-Me-My-Bonus-Anyway” Scott, said that federal cuts have exacerbated the problems. So, there is no money to correct them.

What we have here, Mr. Scott, is a failure to communicate. At the very least you should refuse the increase and bonus until the residents are back in their homes. You arrived in 2016 making $195,000 with a $550 monthly car allowance, and in 2017, got a 2.5% raise.

While there has been some progress during your tenure, the board said as it handed you your check, there are “persistent problems” collecting rent in a timely fashion, managing the agency’s waiting list and completing “several major initiatives.” Board members also said they hoped the latest increase would “encourage you to perform better.”

So, how does doing a mediocre job merit a raise even as 300 families are living in cheap hotels trying to figure out another way to make instant noodles or macaroni and cheese cups in hotel microwaves? None of this makes sense.

But there’s good news: The authority told the residents they don’t have to pay rent for January or February. So kind of it.

Dear funders of the Where Does Byron Gladden Live Campaign: Come on out. Own up to your sleazy efforts. Your private investigator, ELC Investigative Services, testified that the people who hired the company did so because they are dissatisfied with Gladden’s actions as a school board member. If you have a problem with Gladden, say so publicly.

Yes, I think a candidate should live in the district he or she represents, but these covert efforts are childish and don’t help your cause.

Dear Republican U.S. senators: It seems as if you’re caught up in a reverse version of the movie “Get Out.” Your mouths are moving, but nothing is making sense. You refuse to see what’s literally right in front of you. Your minds have been replaced with bots. You’re in a sunken place. You’ve been threatened with your “head on a pike” if you don’t do as your imperious leader commands.

It’s not too late, Sens. Lamar Alexander, Mike Enzi and Pat Roberts. You’ve already announced you’re not seeking reelection. You could keep your heads and your souls by letting us at least hear John Bolton.

Dear Direct Auto Insurance: Tonya Harding? You went with Tonya Harding?

As part of your rebranding campaign that touts accident forgiveness, she’s your new spokesperson?

She literally tried to cut off her opponent at the knees. What’s next? O.J. selling Broncos? R. Kelly opening a public relations firm? A philandering, bankruptcy-filing, thrice-married liar being elected as president? Oh wait. That already happened.

Dear Paula White followers: Let her go. Recently she prayed for “satanic pregnancies to miscarry.” The spiritual adviser to No. 45, who is the darling of Christian conservatives because of his efforts to end abortions, calling for an abortion?

White says it was a metaphor. I say too much of the orange Kool-Aid® has produced pseudologia fantastica.

Dear High Point candidates whose districts include some Greensboro voters: Please stop saying you are working for the residents of High Point or that you want to win so you can represent High Point’s interests. Some of us, as the result of a lovely parting gift from former N.C. Sen. Trudy Wade, are in your county commissioner and school board districts.

Don’t we deserve a voice? Ain’t we valid constituents?

I still owe congressional candidate Kathy Manning a note. Hope she doesn’t think I forgot her 2018 pledge not to support Nancy Pelosi for House speaker. Where would that have gotten us? And Roy Williams needs a note as well for berating his own team. But I feel better. This just might get me through the impeachment hearings and Kobe’s memorials.

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