President Trump profoundly disturbs me. His loose words and his actions, large and small, in my opinion outweigh any good he may have done for some of us. While he, like any impeached president before him, strongly objects to that fact, he completely disregards the Constitution by not recognizing the explicitly stated authority of the House and has refused to allow any documents or testimony without any explanation, not even claiming executive privilege.

Previous presidents have all submitted documents while protecting confidentiality. He has also asserted that Article 2 of the Constitution allows him to do “anything I want.” Not even close, Mr. President.

His words continually disturb me: his speech is sometimes garbled and unintelligible; he usually misstates facts, he asserts as “witch hunts” legitimate inquiries; he fixates on the 2016 election, which wastes his energy and our time.

His other actions disturb me by being petty, unnecessary and harmful: being against windmills, changing light bulb standards, reducing school lunch nutrition standards, gutting states’ authority in SNAP programs, and he is almost submissive to despots.

I remember when he disgraced us as he stood by a smirking Putin in 2018 at Helsinki. Instead of “making America great,” I believe he has reduced both our standing in, and respect of, the world by breaking agreements, undermining alliances and shamefully abandoning our allies against ISIS, the Kurds, in Syria.

His supporters say he has kept promises. Most candidates promise change and shaking up the system can have good consequences, but he also said during his campaign that his voters would stay loyal even if he shot somebody on Fifth Avenue. Do his supporters really agree with that?

However the impeachment trial in the Senate concludes, I wish he would act and speak like the president of the United States and not the TV boss of “The Apprentice.” He took the oath to protect and defend the Constitution. I wish he would read, understand and abide by it.

The writer lives in Greensboro.

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