Now that the city has renamed all of Lee Street/High Point Road as Gate City Boulevard, why is our community not getting the same treatment and respect?

It appears that part of Gate City Boulevard has gotten an amazing makeover. Something we can all be proud of. Of course that is from Adams Farm (west Greensboro) to the coliseum. But from the coliseum going east to Barber Park, Gateway Research Park and the interstate, Gate City Boulevard remains full of potholes, cracked and uneven pavement and unattractive streetscapes. Why? Were we not told that this change was all about improving the appearance of the “gateway” into our city from the interstate west?

After we complained to the city about the potholes at Gate City Boulevard and Tate Street, we were told that would be taken care of as part of the overall improvement to Gate City Boulevard.

Exactly when is that supposed to happen? Asking the City Council so far has only produced excuses, such as “We ran out of money to finish this part of the project,” while other streetscape projects have been proposed and in some cases completed.

So maybe a public discussion will generate some movement on the city’s promise.

Reaching out to my City Council representative has yielded absolutely no movement in writing, phone calls or email. Is this how our representative government is working now? I have witnessed people with real concerns make a sincere effort to have their legitimate community concerns dealt with only to have to resort to “over-the-top” ways to get attention.

Why in 2019 are our communities still being treated like second-class citizens when it comes our demands for services that we all deserve?

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The writer lives in Greensboro.

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