Regarding the May 27 editorial “Set a better example,” about some state lawmakers not wearing masks:

When Michael Jordan was playing basketball, many fellow NBA players accused Jordan of having his own “rules,” under which all players were not treated the same.

Well, Gov. Cooper has his own “rules” when it comes to curbing the spread of COVID-19.

They are not the same for everyone.

A friend of mine lost his father in April, and my friend was very upset that the governor’s “rules” only allowed a maximum of 10 people to attend the funeral service.

Why weren’t the hundreds of North Carolinians who lost family members over the past three months given the same opportunity to attend the memorial service — as George Floyd’s family was given in Raeford?

Why don’t Cooper’s “rules” apply to all citizens?

Another friend of mine sent out invitations in February to his wedding scheduled for May 2. When the governor limited all church services and celebrations to no more than 10 people, my friend and his fiancee had to uninvite more than 100 people who were expecting to attend the celebration.

But where was the governor when thousands of North Carolinians recently protested in many cities, and when many did not wear masks or observe social distancing?

Why didn’t Gov. Cooper speak out against the risk that these protesters were taking in spreading the coronavirus?

And why did the governor shut down ACE Speedway in Alamance County because he said it was hosting too many people?

Gov. Cooper, your actions prove that you are a Pelosi puppet.

And your rules are just designed to shut down the state economy — at least until the November election.

The writer lives in Greensboro.

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