``Lightning never strikes the same place twice.' UNCG seems to be the exception to this rule. The NCAA Committee has struck down the post-season hopes of two women's athletic teams at UNCG.

This letter is a plea to the NCAA Committee. Please issue a statement listing the requirements that would allow UNCG women's teams to compete in post-season play.I know the women's soccer team would like to know the criteria. Obviously, it does not include being ranked second in the national polls. Nor does it include being tied for first in the region, with no Division II losses in that region.

The list also would not include beating last year's national champion (the same team tied for first with UNCG) by a score of 3-0. And having a schedule that includes Division I teams such as N.C. State, UNC, and UVa doesn't seem to mean anything.

Being a member of the UNCG women's basketball team, I have experienced the frustration and shock of being shunned by the NCAA. I can only speculate as to the reasoning for our respective exclusions from post-season play.

Would the NCAA exclude UVa's soccer team or Tennessee's basketball team if they had seasons comparable to the seasons of the UNCG teams?

You cannot comprehend how the athletes and coaches feel when they know they have done everything right, but are told they are not good enough for post-season play.

It seems the NCAA plays a political game, not a game that is fair to the athletes. The result is that UNCG loses without getting a chance to prove they can win.

Jana Henderson Greensboro

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