Cape May Training Center US Coast Guard

A North Carolina man was arrested after he allegedly tried to bring a machine gun, body armor and high-capacity magazines onto a U.S. Coast Guard base in New Jersey, police say.

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating 25-year-old Dustin A. Peters from Wilmington, North Carolina, after he was searched at the gate to the Coast Guard training center in Cape May, New Jersey, local police said.

On Jan. 9, guards stopped Peters at the gate as he tried to get on base for a graduation ceremony, police said.

The guards found hollow-point bullets and a handgun before they called local police, according to a Cape May County news release.

Police said Peters had “an illegal assault weapon, numerous high capacity magazines for this weapon, body armor, and many rounds of ammunition.”

The North Carolina man faces numerous charges, including unlawful possession of a machine gun, possession of a prohibited weapon and 10 counts of possessing high-capacity ammunition magazine.

Local police brought in the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force “due to the types of weapons and ammunition found and that the incident occurred at a military base.”

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