GREENSBORO Former Summerfield Town Council member Todd Rotruck has decided he won’t take further legal action to regain his seat, effectively ending a process, and saga, that began 18 months ago.

In September, the N.C. Court of Appeals issued a ruling that affirmed an earlier decision that again denied Rotruck a place on the council.

Rotruck said Monday he has several options, including asking for another hearing. But he’s giving up the fight.

“I’m tired of wasting money,” he said.

When Rotruck was elected in November 2017, he won on the strength of being a proponent for limited growth. The Summerfield council was extremely divided at the time as its six members struggled with whether they should allow more development into the small community of around 11,000.

Things only became more contentious.

A challenge to Rotruck’s residency was made, asserting that while he owned a house in Summerfield, he actually lived in Greensboro.

Rotruck told the Guilford County Board of Elections that he lived at the Strawberry Road address when he filed for election to the Summerfield council and registered to vote there in summer 2017.

But, he said, renovations on the home were so extensive that he was forced to move back to a Lewiston Road address in Greensboro until the work was completed.

But that wasn’t enough to sway the elections board.

The Town Council then barred him from serving, setting up legal challenges for over a year.

On Monday, Rotruck said that although he still doesn’t live at the Summerfield property, it should finally be renovated within a couple of months.

“We’re getting closer,” Rotruck said.

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