Property transfers


Belews Landing Development Company, LLC, to Philip Steven Neal and Brenda Crowder Neal, lot Widows Walk in Crow’s Nest at Belews Landing, $145,000


North Star Land and Properties, LLC, to Javier M. Garcia, lot Carolina Avenue, $21,000

Jesse L. Edwards and Cynthia R. Edwards to Corey D. Wilson and Melinda R. Wilson, lot Indian Trail, $255,000

Shirley F. Gray to Michael Scott Shelton, lot Hillview subdivision, $131,500


Thomas R. Case Jr. and Audrey Jane Case to Larry E. Tucker, tracts Second Avenue, $69,000

Eric D. Perkins and Katlynn E. Perkins to David Forbes and Wendy Forbes, lot Dogwood Acres, phase V, $220,000

Kathleen Webb Bolin to John Ervin Phillips and Martha Ryan Phillips, lots Rivermont or NC-704, $45,000


Frank Thomas Heffinger and Theresa J. Heffinger to Steve C. Baker, tracts NC-770, $100,000

Terry Allen Spotts to Michael Shane Comer. 11.705 acres Settlement Loop Road, $50,000

Steven J. Bennett and Glenda K. Bennett to Jesse L. Edwards and Cynthia R. Edwards, lot Pine Hill Road, $298,000


Ashley Sutton and Tonya Sutton to Leslie Clyde Harding and Jennifer Lynn Harding, lot Spring Lake Farms, $320,000


Michael T. Barnes and Lucy F. Barnes to David Lee Baker and Ashley Elizabeth Hodgin, as joint tenants with rights of survivorship, property NC-65, $288,000

Chestnutt Enterprises, LLC, of NC, to Barry C. Mounce and Susan S. Mounce, lot Park Place, $239,000

John Holland and Ms. Jessica Keidel to CSA Property Solutions Inc., two tracts Montgomery Street, $5,000

CSA Property Solutions Inc. to Ronald Wayne Cook, lot Montgomery Street, $15,000

Joyce G. McDonough to Matthew C. Robertson, lots Block O Courtland subdivision, $98,000

Ms. Janice P. Jordan to Jeffrey Scott Shelton, lot Hillview subdivision, $131,500

Michael Ray Craig Jr. and Brooke Hunter Joyce Craig to Brandon T. Johnson and Ashley N. Handy, as joint tenants with rights of survivorship, lot Hush Hickory Trace, $298,000


Charlie R. Hart Jr. and Kathy S. Hart to Kelly Lanier, lots D.M. Moore Farm, $25,000



Robert D. Long and Harriet J. Long to Jerry T. Smithey and Wanda S. Smithey, property NC-150, $45,000

Maurice Raynor Jr. and Mary Raynor to Nickerson Property Investments, LLC, lot NC-87, $85,000

Divorces filed

Divorces filed in District Court

Meredith Sue Highfill vs. Blake Matthew Highfill

Rebecca Jane Walton Comer vs. Charles Jennings Comer

Mary Nanette P. Galyean vs. Dustin Keith Galyean

Marilyn Hernandez Sierra vs. Jose Elias Sierra

Christopher George Werner vs. Julie Ann Werner

Angela Denise Franklin vs. Eric Jerome Franklin

Divorces granted

Divorces granted in District Court

Hea Mi Krone Johnson from Ray Steven Johnson Jr.

Karen Renea Smith Bassett from Tanner Charles Bassett

Michael Lee Cage from Marla Doralene Cage

Nancy Xiong Walsh vs. Dillon Kane Walsh

Jonathan Jason Mills from Jennifer Leigh Mills

George Thomas Greene from Debra Lynn Green

William Curtis Cochran Jr. from Brenda Lee Stone

Amy Sue Shaw from Christopher James Shaw

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