Property transfers


Mary Jean Reynolds and William Alvin Reynolds, plus Helen Darlene Hedrick, to Townsite Partners, LLC, lots Richwood Acres, section 1, $5,000

Jeffrey Samuel Schlosser and Theresa B. Schlosser to Eric McDavid and Amanda McDavid, lot “Final Survey for Phase 2, Payne Place,” $223,000


Fanny Jaqueline Castellanos Martinez to Rene O. Castellanos, lot north Bridge Road, $25,000

Billy Joe Fuller and Lucille H. Fuller to Virginia Almond, lot Nantucket Drive, $125,000

Gerald Pleasents, by and through his Attorney-in-Fact, Mattana Pleasents, and wife, Mattana Pleasents, to Anthony Graves, lot Creekridge, phase VI, $43,000

Ms. Gwendolyn Brown to Diana Ivette Soto, lot Moir and Church streets, $7,000


Randy Sterling Case to John David Miller, lot Mountain Street, $12,500


Lois L. Purgason to Timothy Dunlap, lot Janet Road, $68,000

John Charles East and Andrea Lynn East to CMH Homes Inc., two tracts (1.92 and 6.17 acres) US-220 Business, $40,000


Jane S. Herr to Donald T. Weddel and Lesia A. Weddel, 5.305 acres Duggins Road, $44,000


James Todd Jones and Jama Jones to Charles E. Jones and Cynthia Jones, lot Brookwood Hills subdivision, $70,000

BMS Investment Properties RP, LLC, to Curtis J. Kraatz and Dana M. Young, lot Cypress Drive Development, $147,000


Vicky S. Pyatt, a Free Trader, to Ethan S. Strader and Ms. Kaitlyn M. Knight, as joint tenants with rights of survivorship, lot Guerrant Springs Road, $59,500


John A. Alexandropoulos and Sarah M. Alexandropoulos to Cash Niilo Maki, lots Flat Rock Road or NC-3432, $70,000

Ashcroft Business Park, LLC, of NC, to Chestnutt Enterprises, LLC, of NC, lot Park Place, phase one, $36,000

Jason N. Bramblett and Tonya N. Bramblett to State of North Carolina, lot Scarlett Lane, $300,000

Stephen Kurt Hodges and Elizabeth J. Hodges to Michael A. Myers and Hanna Severa, lots Herbert Mace subdivision, $130,500


Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee, to Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, lot College Village II, $59,500

Whit Neilson Whitley and Cynthia Underwood Whitley to William Paul Bowers, lot NC-2016 (from old NC-87 to NC-1993), $27,000

Divorces filed

Divorces filed in District Court

Seth Jehud Bentley vs. Shanee Chestnut Bentley

Brandy Nicole Peters vs. James David Peters

Hugo Tearance Evans vs. Regina Yvette Williams

Quincey Nero Bailey III vs. Vickie Willie Bailey

Linda Gail Clark vs. Dallas Wayne Clark

Jewel Vanessa McNeill vs. Sidney Pierce Hughes

Geraldine Morris Fenner vs. Edward Ray Fenner

Divorces granted

Divorces granted in District Court

Mary Starnes Eudy from Michael Floyd Eudy

Terri Hilton Brindle from Robert Todd Brindle

Shannon Cope Mitchell from Joseph Franklin Mitchell

Emily Carsettie Packer from Anthony Mace Packer

Cody Bradley Anderson from Tiffany Belcher Anderson

Paul Montgomery Olive from Colleen Leah Olive

Rebecca Norton Nance from Travis Lamar McDaniel

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