Property transfers


David Scott Willard and Leighann Willard to Robert D. Browning and Sarah Browning, 1.424 acres “Survey Plat for David Scott Willard,” $245,000

M&J Developers Inc. to Todelo Homes, LLC, lot Windward at Belews Landing, phase I, $30,000

Keenan Construction Inc. to Anna Katherine Oates, lot Cedar Hollow subdivision, phase III, $205,000

Stafford Homes of the Triad Inc. of NC to Jamie W. Moore and Christina B. Moore, lot Twin Creeks, phase V, $217,000

Luis E. Jimenez and Sarah D. Jimenez to David Carl Long and Nobleza Quimo Long, lot Bridle Wood Estates, phase I, $368,000


Eddie L. Roland and Frances H. Roland to William Neville and Paula Neville, lot Tellowee Road, $240,000

Diane Sharpe Woods and Richard Woods to Irene Gomez Dominguez, lot Map Sheet 3/3 of Village of Draper (or Hale Street), $9,500

James Robertson Jr. and Elaine S. Robertson to Amy Weaver Wood, lot Adams Street, $23,000

Mary Johnston Gilley Schiller to James Lunsford and Donna M. Lunsford, 15.786 acres Hamilton Street and Lake Drive, $250,000

Toni F. Miller and William Gill Miller III to Judy D. Hutcherson, lot Vintage Road, $78,000

Dorothy T. Sisk and Lewis G. Sisk, along with Daryl Lee Taylor and Dana S. Taylor, to Frances Hundley Roland, lot Sanderlyn Court, $165,000

Henry Nicholas Closson Jr. and Quentin Nicholas Closson to Jesse Boyd Griffith, lot Price Road, $6,000

D.R. Development Corp. to Michael Shane Hensley and Abby B. Hensley, 1.832 acres East Knight Street, $21,500

James McCaslin to Fredy De Leon Rodriguez, lot Royal Road, $24,000


Scott Reggie Ellison and Tracey M. Ellison to Robert David Hartley and Chanler Amos Hartley, lot Ledbetter Road, $140,000


Michael Wayne Hopper and Donna Marie Hopper to Deon Lane Barham, lots Norwood Park $12,500

Steven T. Loska and Crystal C. Loska to Daniel L. Rice, lots Hillcrest Acres, $98,500


George Bethel Page Jr. and Diane H. Page, plus Samuel M. Page, to Steven R. Wall, lot NC-700, $30,500


Sara W. Styer to Piedmont Land Conservancy of NC, 42.04 acres property, $151,500

Sara W. Styer to Piedmont Land Conservancy of NC, 47.07 acres “Survey for Piedmont Land Conservancy NCAD & CS, ADFPTF Conservation Easement Parcel C,” $150,000


Janet Newman Herring and Ryan Herring to Phyllis Ann Childs, 1.815 acres Raven Road, $110,000

Divorces filed

Divorces filed in District Court

Brandy Manley Wilkins vs. Rodney Allen Wilkins

Kristen Griffin vs. Matthew Watt Griffin

Rita Elaine Bailey vs. Timothy Lynn Bailey

Jami Morton Willard vs. Sammy Wayne Willard

Moira Catlin Trott Gilbert vs. Christopher Aaron Gilbert

Tammy Marie Tholen Pitts vs. Ronald Jay Pitts

Megan Lynn Haner Thomas vs. Reginald Bernard Thomas

Divorces granted

Divorces granted in District Court

Brandy G. Reavis from Benjamin Kyle Reavis

LaShawn Deborah McRae from Anison Jerry McRae

Quentin Luby Williams from Jennifer Lawson Williams

Dianna Lavern Crowder Irving from Robert Tyrone Irving

Peggy Lee Marshall from Elijah Marshall

Amber Nicole Fulcher from Jimmy Mark Fulcher Jr.

Kenneth Wesley Reed from Peggy Chaney Reed

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