Property transfers


Kenneth W. Taylor Jr. and Kellye Eubanks Taylor to Tana K. Porter and Michael C. Porter, lot Chestnut Grove subdivision, $220,000

Ms. Barbara G. Crider to Patricia A. Young and David B. Young, as joint tenants with rights of survivorship, property of James A. Motsinger on Jay Vonne Trail, $82,000

Melissa J. Malone and Thomas J. Malone to Susan Mickel Wood, 1.353 +/- Mineral Springs Road or NC-1145, $10,500


Patricia D. Ellington to Joel T. Campbell Jr., lot “Final Plat-Section One, The Village,” $93,000

Jeffrey A. Mitchell to Ernest Lawson Sr. and Leanna B. Lawson, 1.621 acres “Final Plat Property of Ruth M. Mitchell”, $69,000

Billie Ferguson Ridgeway to David C. Moreadith II and Marcie M. Moreadith, lot Meadow Road, $181,500

Homer E. Wright Jr. to Jeffrey H. Parris, lot Summit Place, phase II, $106,000

Dorinda T. Jenkins to Angela L. Jenkins, lot Dameron Street, $45,000

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, to James A. Summers, lot Rivercrest Drive, $10,500

Tiffany A. Perry to Breonna Brown, lot Knollwood Drive, $90,000

North Star Land and Properties #2, LLC, to James R. Haven and Kathleen A. Reid, joint tenants with rights of survivorship, lot Morgan Road, $27,500


Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, to Gloria Maribel Grijalva, 3.081 acres Redmond Drive, $84,000

Chen Hui Ying and Fa Sheng Zhang to Lee Anthony Mitchell and Heather S. Mitchell, lot Fifth Avenue, $165,000

Kevin S. Hyre and Tia L. Hyre to Hunter R. Smith, lot Summertime Drive, $177,000


Dennis D. Moore and Carol T. Moore to SCL Properties, LLC, 1.130 acres NC-770, $125,000


Alan B. Farrar and Ashley Marley Farrar to Thacker Enterprises, LLC, 2.382 acres Arthur Drive, $10,000


Ms. Vickie Smith to Joshua Taylor, lot west Harrison Street, $82,500


Virginia Scott London to Norman Thomas French, lot Estes Road, $82,500


John Dale Ellington and Brenda Harris Ellington to Rhiannon K. Daniels, property Tyre Dodson Road, $140,000

Building permits

Sidney and Keith Miller, 1798 Brooks Road, four-bedroom house, $427,896

Wright Memorial Event Center, 184 Slaydon Road, $1,500

Ronnie Jackson, 240 Nanaree Lane, residential covered front porch addition to existing residence, $6,324

Brenda Cannon, 1153 Wolf Island Road, residential storage building, $4,841

Wayne Cox, 133 Forest Lake Trail, residential detached garage, $55,200

Divorces filed

Divorces filed in District Court

Madelyn Morgan vs. Joseph Aaron Morgan

Robert Dale Kings vs. Patricia Stein King

Chasity D. Woods vs. Don Jason Woods

Harjot Singh Paul vs. Indu Bala

Divorces granted

Divorces granted in District Court

Robert D. Adams from Sabrina N. Adams

Angie Toler Capps from Leonard Clifton Capps

Jason William John Price from Sherri Leigh Price

Franklin D. White Jr. from Darla P. White

Chelsea Elizabeth Greene from Bernard Francis Markey

Shannon M. Oliver from James N. Turner

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