HIGH POINT — If you were driving down North Main Street in High Point recently, you probably did a double take when you saw the marquee in front of a local restaurant. In big letters it read, “Turkeys Needed.”

Cami Carter of Carter Brothers Restaurant explained that for the past two years, the restaurant has teamed up with His Laboring Few Ministries to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for the homeless, the elderly or anyone in need of a meal. Carter Brothers Restaurant donates most of the food but asks customers and members of the community for turkey donations. Turkeys weighing from a few pounds to 20 pounds have been donated in the past.

His Laboring Few Ministries puts up flyers, asks newspapers to run announcements and uses word of mouth to get the news out to the community.

Cami Carter said the restaurant had more than 100 people eat in on Thanksgiving Day, and members of His Laboring Few Ministries along with community volunteers delivered more than 1,400 plates.

Carter Brothers Restaurants has worked with His Laboring Few Ministries, a national bikers’ ministry for Christ, on other community projects. About eight years ago, Tim Carter just happened to meet Steve Erwin, minister to His Laboring Few, while on a trip to Myrtle Beach. The two started talking, and Erwin told Carter he was looking for a place on North Main to have a Christian concert. Carter told him he was getting ready to open a restaurant on North Main Street and that His Laboring Few could use his parking lot for the concert.

Since then, Carter Brothers and His Laboring Few Ministries have worked together on several community projects.

Cami Carter said, “This year at Thanksgiving, God so richly blessed us with volunteers for everything. We always need servers, dishwashers, drivers and people to help prepare the food. We need this same help on Christmas Day when we serve the meal.”

Aunda Anderson of High Point has been volunteering with His Laboring Few for about nine years. She started as a volunteer delivering meals. She discovered that many of the people she visited needed someone to talk to as well as food. Anderson has been cooking turkeys for the meals for about four years. At Thanksgiving, she cooked 250 turkeys and prepared three 65-gallon containers of other food.

“The blessings are tremendous. It is definitely a hands-on job,” she said.

His Laboring Few also has a ministry called Two Fish and Five Loaves that sets up a trailer on a corner in South High Point once or twice a month. They bring food, coats, gloves, and blankets. Volunteer Terry Barney pulls the trailer and helps with the other activities.

Anderson said, “After you get to know a person, you may find other ways they need help.”

Anderson heard Steve Erwin, minister to His Laboring Few, say, “When you get to the end of your rope, God gives you more rope.”

There are wonderful volunteers on the other end of that rope. If you would like to help prepare food, deliver meals, wash dishes, serve food or donate a turkey, call Carter Brothers Restaurant at 869-9948 or His Laboring Few Ministries at 475-2455.

Kathy Johnson, a retired educator, has lived in High Point for nearly 30 years. If you have news of an event, send e-mail to her at kjohnson1016@yahoo.com

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