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Q: Almost every morning for the last week, I’ve been getting phone calls from myself, from my own landline. I have not picked up, and no message is left. What could this possibly be about?


A: It’s a frustrating, obnoxious scam we have written about before in which scammers use technology to “spoof” your number.

“Scammers use this trick as a way to get around call-blocking and hide from law enforcement,” according to a report from the Federal Trade Commission, which runs the National Do Not Call Registry. “They hope you’ll be curious enough to pick up. Don’t fall for it. The real callers could be calling from anywhere in the world.”

You should ignore the calls, and also make sure that if you have voicemail it is password-protected so the scammer cannot get access to your previous messages, since some voicemail services let you call in from your own number to get the messages.

Q: I see where many other TV services have signed on to carry the new ACC Network starting in August, but I do not see Spectrum/Time Warner. Living here in ACC Country, why have they not signed on to provide this?


A: Negotiations are still underway, but there is no update so far.

“We’ve had some discussions, but we don’t have an agreement at this time,” said Scott Pryzwansky, a spokesman for Spectrum in the Carolinas.

ACC Network is scheduled to debut on Aug. 22 and will include “live games, inside access, original content and analysis of the ACC all year long,” according to the network’s website, According to the site, DirecTV, Hulu Live and PlayStation Vue are among the services that have signed on to carry the channel; you can use the site to search for your ZIP code to see if there are any other services available in your area. For others, ACC Network is encouraging people to contact their service provider and show their support for the channel.

Q: My auto registration was due to expire at the end of May. On May 28, I had the vehicle inspected and then renewed the registration online, but I’m not sure how long it will take to receive my new sticker. Can I be pulled over and/or ticketed for an expired plate?


A: There’s a chance you could get pulled over, but you won’t be ticketed, said John Brockwell, communications officer for the DMV. “The law enforcement officer would have an indication after he runs the tag, which would indicate the person has renewed his or her registration,” Brockwell said.

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