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GREENSBORO — If you like to dance, eat heavy hors d'oeuvres and support the police, then mark your calendar. 

The Greensboro Police Foundation is hosting its inaugural Blue Salute fundraiser Saturday night at the Proximity Hotel. 

Want to become police chief for a day? Have outgoing Chief Wayne Scott deliver doughnuts to your work? Experience what it's like to work with a K-9 officer or the Crime Scene Investigation unit? You can place a bid at the live auction.

But more importantly, the goal is to raise money for the Greensboro Police Foundation. Founded in 2011, the organization has raised $800,000 and purchased the video cameras that police officers wear, a mobile command center and Porter, a therapy dog. 

"When officers feel supported and have the tools to do their job, we're all safer," said Jennifer Jacobs, the foundation's executive director. 

In 2011, local businessmen Frank Mascia and Oliver Lloyd came up with the idea to create an organization to raise money for police officers.

"It's kind of like a school's PTA," Jacobs explained.

Jacobs said 84% of the police department's budget goes toward salaries and benefits — which doesn't leave a lot left for additional needs. 

"We can fill the gap and help them become the exceptional police department they envision," Jacobs explained. 

Saturday's event will allow residents to interact with Porter, visit the mobile command center and see a bomb-diffusing robot. 

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