A routine trip to drop a child off at school spiraled into a series of crazy events Friday for a parent in Thomasville, ending with an SUV skewered by a utility pole, according to police.

Power outages on Main Street and traffic jams were included in the mayhem. How it unfolded with only one vehicle involved has yet to be explained by police.

However, the investigating officers tweeted multiple photos shortly before 9 a.m., indicating the incident on Salem Street defied logic. “No injuries but extremely lucky!” the department said.

Photos show the SUV somehow collided with the base of a utility pole, which snapped, then flew with jagged edges through the back window of the SUV.

Part of the pole landed under the vehicle, while the rest remained dangling precariously between the back seat and still-attached utility wires.

An area in the middle of town had to be closed to traffic and a few hundred people were left without power “from Main Street in the historic district to Interstate 85 Business,” WGHP Fox 8 reported.

Investigators did not say if anyone was charged and did not identify the driver.

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