GREENSBORO — Four maned wolf pups were born at the Greensboro Science Center in December.

The center announced that Anaheim, a 5-year-old female maned wolf, gave birth to four pups on Dec. 11.

The two female and two male pups got a clean bill of health during their first veterinary exam Thursday.

It is the second successful litter for Anaheim and her 11-year-old mate, Nazca.

As part of a Species Survival Plan Program, this is the fourth time in as many years the wolves have been recommended to breed by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, an organization that accredits zoos and aquariums for conservation, education, science and recreation.

“We had only been successful our first year with two pups,” Jessica Hoffman-Balder, general curator for the Greensboro Science Center, said by email. “To go several years with no success only to now be surprised with four healthy pups is truly a great benefit to this population.”

Maned wolves are native to the grasslands of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. Though they are named a wolf and classified as a canid, they are closely related to foxes. They have long legs that allow them to see above the grass and large ears to hear over long distances. They are omnivores, which means their diet consists of small animals and plants. The thick black ruff on their back and neck gives them their name.

Anaheim is doing well taking care of four hungry mouths, the center said.

For now, papa Nazca is doing a good job of being protective, the center said. Once the pups get older, he will interact with them more.

The pups do not yet have names.

The maned wolf exhibit has been closed since early December when keepers determined Anaheim was close to giving birth.

The exhibit will reopen Feb. 11.

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