Q: Could you provide the appropriate North Carolina entity to make a complaint about a Home Owners Association not properly carrying out their duties as defined in declaration of restrictive covenants or bylaws?


A: Unfortunately, such an entity does not exist, according to Lawson Newton, a local attorney who specializes in real estate matters.

“There is no governmental agency, board, bureau, commission or other entity in North Carolina that is established with the specific purpose of receiving and acting upon filed complaints against HOA boards which fail to properly perform duties of such board as set out in the declaration or bylaws,” Newton said.

Of course, that assumes that the failure on the part of the HOA board does not involve criminal activity such as embezzlement or misappropriation of funds.

“If that is the situation, the reader need only contact the Office of the District Attorney for the county in which the association is located and allow that office to take necessary and appropriate action,” Newton said. “Absent that type activity on the part of the HOA board, the reader is relegated to the ballot box and making his/her community aware of the purported shortcomings of the board and electing a new board of directors.”

Q: Two readers called Monday to ask what’s going on with the brighter, thicker paper the News & Record has been printed on, off and on, over the past few weeks. They wanted to know if it’s a permanent change.

A: We had a similar question in March. Here’s that answer: “We have newsprint paper that is aging. Newsprint has a shelf life, so we want to use the paper,” said Frank Clayton, production director.

“We order the newsprint in truck loads. Some of our commercial clients run this paper, and also some of our special sections use this paper.”

Readers may see this paper and also some wider paper in the near future as the newspaper uses up this newsprint, he said.

“Newspapers are very much environment friendly and prefer to use the paper instead of discarding it. Our newspaper recycles most of our products like cardboard, plates, strap and plastic wrap as well as newsprint.”

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— Tim Clodfelter, BH Media

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