GREENSBORO — A woman is dead after a tree fell on her house early Sunday morning.

Erin Beebe, 30, of 3605 Brandywine Drive, was killed in her house about 1:50 a.m., said Ron Glenn, spokesman for Greensboro police.

She was in her bedroom at the time and was pronounced dead at the scene, Glenn said.

Her husband was also home and suffered minor injuries.

It's unclear what caused the tree to fall, Glenn said.

Neighbor Bill Burdick, who lives across the street, said he'd just finished watching TV when he heard a fire truck arrive at the house.

"A dog was yelping and it got the whole neighborhood up," he said. "Then I heard a high-pitched, distressed voice calling out to the fireman. I never saw an ambulance."

Burdick said firefighters worked at the house from about 2 to 6 a.m.

"This is a quiet neighborhood," he said. 

According to Burdick, Beebe and her husband just moved into their house this year.

"We have trees go down all the time, but not on top of houses," Burdick said.

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