Why Ducks Sleep on One Leg

GREENSBORO — People in the Triad who speak two of the languages of the Montagnard community now have a reading option while waiting for their doctor.

Cone Health has purchased 500 copies of “Why Ducks Sleep on One Leg – A Talk in English, Rhade, and Koho” to be distributed to doctors’ office waiting rooms throughout the Triad.

The multilingual children’s book was developed by Reading Connections, a local non-profit that provides adult and family literacy programs to residents of Guilford County. It tells the popular Southeastern Asian legend in English as well as in Rhade and Koho – both common languages spoken in the Montagnard community.

North Carolina is home to the largest Montagnard community outside of Vietnam with a thriving community located in Greensboro.

The purchase is part of a Cone Health $50,000, 5-year sponsorship of Reading Connections.

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