GREENSBORO — Martha Soltani was on the couch watching the Democratic National Convention when she was reminded about Hillary Clinton’s role in pushing a federal health insurance program for children without coverage.

The program provided daughter Sara, who was born premature and deaf in 1995, with services including a $60,000 cochlear implant for just a $10 deductible.

“I’m like, ‘Well, I owe her a thank you,’ ” Soltani, who lives in Jamestown, said of the presidential nominee’s efforts while first lady.

That “thank you,” which she would write on a campaign blog, ended up as a Clinton radio ad that began running Tuesday on stations across North Carolina. Soltani, whose husband was self-employed, had quit her job when Sara was 8 months old to care for her.

The family did not qualify for Medicaid for low-income families. But the Soltanis did qualify for coverage under the program Clinton championed.

Known as the Children’s Health Insurance Program, coverage provided hearing aids and upgrades for Sara, who is now a college junior majoring in archeology and anthropology, and has worked at the Smithsonian Institution.

Last month, a filmmaker spent about nine hours with the Soltanis.

As soon as the radio spot aired this morning, a friend posted it on her Facebook page.

TV ads are expected to follow.

“Then I’m going to hide,” the Democrat said with a laugh. “It’s not that I’m embarrassed ... I want to stay out of the (political) brouhaha.”

Actually, her Republican friends are giving her a break: They know she spoke directly from the heart — and unlike a lot of political ads, it’s true.

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