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Name: Alana V. Allen

What I do: I am the founder and executive director of I Am A Queen, a year-round mentoring group for girls ages 10-18 based in Greensboro.(tncms-asset)cc0492f8-9346-599c-aec4-a916b2836d080 —(/tncms-asset)

Why I do what I do: In 2009, my life hit rock bottom and I was dealing with a secret of being sexually assaulted at the age of 6. It was destroying my life, and one day my back was up against the wall, and through the power of prayer, I forgave my molester and I started I Am A Queen. At the beginning, I thought the organization was going to be a book club, but it evolved into something more, and I started working with young girls. I started my healing journey by breaking my silence of being molested, and the girls started sharing with me their experiences. Ever since then, I have managed a year-round mentoring group, and we host an annual teen conference every July to honor I Am A Queen’s anniversary.

My proudest achievement: On Feb 3, 2017, I received the Lifetime Achievement Award from McDonald’s Rhythms of Triumph. I was the youngest to receive the award at the age of 31, and it felt very surreal.

My real-life hero: My mom, Annie B. Allen. Her work ethic and energy is electrifying. She makes you want to do better and show up in the spirit of excellence. She truly puts fire under everyone she meets and tells you the God-honest truth.

If I could have one superpower, it would be: I would love to be a healer because there are so many broken people who just need a touch of healing. I meet so many people going through sickness, disease, emotional trauma and mental illness that it just makes you want to pray harder and intercede on their behalf.

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