JAMESTOWN — Town residents can speak out Tuesday on regulating adult-oriented establishments.

While such businesses aren’t banned from the town, leaders say a proposed ordinance will make it more difficult to establish them. The ordinance covers establishments such as adult arcades, video and book stores, cabarets, theaters, escort services and sexual-encounter centers — facilities that promote nude or semi-nude wrestling or tumbling.

Town Manager John Frezell said the ordinance is similar to the one already adopted by Guilford County.

“It lays down some guidelines and rules,” Frezell said. “If you don’t have rules and regulations, anything goes.”

Owners and operators of these businesses must apply for a regulatory license from the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department.

Each application or renewal costs $100. Each applicant must submit a Social Security number, driver’s license, current photograph and fingerprint. If the applicant is a company or corporation, the application must include the names, addresses, identification numbers, photographs and ages of its directors, officers and principal stockholders. Employees also must apply for a license, which costs $50.

The ordinance also includes guidelines for denial or revocation. Licenses can be denied if the business fails to meet applicable building, health and fire codes and regulations. A license can be revoked if an owner or operator employs or allows an employee to provide services without a license and if an employee is convicted of any crime involving sexual misconduct, prostitution or drug charges.

Any appeals must go before Frezell, the town manager.

Jamestown’s planning and zoning ordinance only allows adult-oriented businesses in areas designated for heavy industrial use.

The town, which encompasses 2.7 square miles, has one area zoned heavy industrial — a stretch of Oakdale Mill Road and Cotton Drive, near the historic Oakdale Cotton Mill.

Capt. David Powell, of the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department, said there are fewer adult-oriented businesses in the county, since the ordinance was passed. He believes such action will deter them from Jamestown too.

“Jamestown’s such a lovely, quiet town. They just don’t need this kind of thing,” he said.

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