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GREENSBORO — Voter turnout is high in Guilford County. 

But how high is not yet known. 

Guilford County Board of Elections director Charlie Collicutt said the turnout has been large this year, but he had not gotten a tally yet. 

At 4 p.m., Collicutt had just come out of a board meeting and was answering messages he missed while he was away. 

He said the various precincts throughout the county had not faced any major issues though the day. 

He said that electioneers had begun "flaunting the rules" a bit and he would have to go deal with that but otherwise there has been no problems. 

GREENSBORO — Turnout is heavy at the polls Tuesday morning. 

Guilford County Board of Elections Director Charlie Collicutt said that voters lined up at the polls before they opened and there has since remained a steady voter turnout.

Collicutt said its too early to estimate how many voters have cast ballots this morning. 

A poll worker at First Baptist Church — Greensboro said there was already 100 voters by 8:30 Tuesday morning, a number the precinct doesn't typically hit until around noon during mid-term elections. 

Chief Judge Eddie Oakley said turnout at Jamestown Town Hall has been steady all morning. 

"We had about 15-20 standing in line at 6:30 this morning," Oakley said. "Early voting was a big help."

Collicutt said there hasn't been any real problems at the polls and so far voters haven't been delayed despite the turnout. 

He did warn that a few voters have been confused by the last screen that appears when casting a ballot. The screen thanks the resident for voting and is signed by Kathryn Lindley, the Guilford County Board of Elections chairwoman.

Collicutt said the screen goes by quickly and some voters have read the screen as "Thank you for voting for Kathy Manning." Others, with similar names, think that the elections board stole their signatures and used them when they finished voting. 

Collicutt said he has explained to voters that it is the signature of the board chair but it has caused some confusion.

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