A corner of Vandalia Elementary School's media center was transformed into a barbershop on Monday.

Free haircuts were offered as part of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen meeting for third-, fourth- and fifth-graders.

Sitting in the barber's chair in the middle of the group, third-grader Kalani Love shyly confirmed to volunteer barber Joe Jarvis he would like a design shaved into the side of his fresh haircut.

Like most barber shops, the conversations were about much more than hairstyles.

“In the African-American community, the barbershop is a steeple in the community as it relates to manhood.” said Blake Odum, the school’s youth development coordinator, who led the discussions. “I told them that some of the most interesting conversations I’ve had were at a barbershop."

As the clippers buzzed, students talked about gentlemanly conduct.

Odum ask the kids what one thing could they do this week to show they are gentlemen.

"I can do my chores," one boy said.

"I can take groceries in for a lady," another chimed in.

"I can hold the door for someone."

"I can take out the trash without being asked."

“I just wanted to give the guys the experience of having constructive, important dialogue that guys typically have with each other and kind of recreate the setting of a barbershop for them here today," Odum said.

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