That's what a family is asking after their daughter was run over twice outside an Exxon gas station over the weekend — a bizarre incident that involved five other people who were hit for reasons that are still not clear.

Meranda Chantel Watlington, 28, and Fana Anquette Felton, 27, could face the death penalty after allegedly striking the six people — critically injuring three — and killing 30-year-old Zanelle Tucker.

On Monday night, family and friends of Tucker gathered at the Exxon on West Gate City Boulevard to hold a vigil. More than 75 people attended, holding balloons and embracing each other.

It was the climax of a somber day. Hours earlier, some of those same people were in court to see Watlington — who police say was the driver — and Felton, her friend, appear before a judge.

A man who said he was Tucker's father asked to address Watlington. "I want to ask the court: Why did she have to kill my daughter?"

The incident occurred at 3:04 a.m. Saturday. By the time police arrived, several bodies were on the ground.

According to several cellphone videos posted on social media, a fight had preceded the homicide. The video shows Tucker and Watlington trying prevent Felton from fighting an unidentified person.

It's unknown to what extent, if any, the other five people hit were involved in the fracas.

A 22-minute video on YouTube details a chaotic scene, punctuated by screaming and yelling.

At one point, Watlington falls to the ground. Tucker helps her up.

"Come here!" Felton shouts. "Come here!"

Watlington and Tucker try to hold Felton back. But others join the fight.

Then the crowd, inexplicably, turns on Watlington.

She falls to the ground and is kicked, punched and dragged.

The video later shows a black SUV going into reverse — allegedly driven by Watlington — and plows into a group of people between gas pumps, sending them sprawling to the ground. They were still prone when the vehicle rolls over them again.

The video cuts away to police hovering over several bodies.

Blood is pooled in several spots around the gas station.

In court Monday, Watlington and Felton had very different reactions to possibly facing the death penalty.

Felton looked up toward the ceiling and shook her head as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Watlington looked unaffected, but asked to "say something" after Tucker's father spoke.

Judge Larry Archie denied her request.

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