GREENSBORO — A bullet struck the back of a man’s head before he could deliver Valentine’s Day presents to his girlfriend, a new report says.

Police found Daron Bennell Huitt, 31, of Greensboro suffering from a gunshot wound in the yard of 312 Winston St.

It was 9:52 a.m. on Valentine’s Day. Four minutes later, he was dead, the N.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner said in a report released Wednesday.

When medical examiners received Huitt’s body, they noticed a bullet hole through the back of his hooded sweatshirt and blood-soaked do-rag. It was clear the bullet traveled through the back of his head and out his forehead, the medical examiner said in the report.

Police wondered if the death might be a suicide, according to the report, because a handgun was found near one of Huitt’s hands, but investigators and examiners concluded he was killed by someone else.

Huitt’s death captured the city’s attention in February as his mother, Doris Slade, pleaded with city residents to help bring her son’s killer to justice.

“Why did you do this to my child on this day, which is supposed to be a happy day?” Slade asked. “It’s Valentine’s. It’s not right.”

His girlfriend, Shebby Allred, said Huitt had called her at 6 a.m. to say he was on his way to bring her a chocolate cake, a card and flowers.

Those gifts sat on the back seat of his vehicle when someone found him dead, she said.

Since that day, police have said witnesses saw two men in hooded sweatshirts come in a four-door sedan from the far end of Winston Street near an industrial building and kill Huitt before driving toward East Market Street.

On a rainy day in early June, officers canvassed the area asking neighbors for information.

As of Friday, no one has been arrested.

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