N.C. woman sentenced in hit-and-run death


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GREENSBORO — An Apex woman was found guilty Monday of seven charges in connection with placing harassing calls and sending email messages to her ex-boyfriend and his family.

Meghan McCarthy, 25, was convicted in Guilford County Superior Court of four counts of making harassing phone calls, two counts of cyberstalking and one count of computer trespass.

Judge Richard W. Stone sentenced McCarthy to two suspended sentences of 30 days in addition to two years of supervised probation. Her phones and computers will be subject to inspection.

“Either this is a childish prank or she’s a sociopath with borderline personality disorder or somewhere in between,” Stone said in issuing the sentences. “I’m not convinced she has borderline personality disorder, but I do believe these are serious offenses. And if I could send her to prison, I would.”

Stone couldn’t give her prison time, he said, in part because she had no prior record.

McCarthy was accused of annoying, harassing and “terrifying” ex-boyfriend Jason Pfister and his family. She repeatedly called and emailed them, using online services to mask her number and email address with those of Pfister’s friends and family, according to the charges.

Attorneys made their closing arguments Monday morning.

Defense attorney Andrew Clifford told jurors that McCarthy also received harassing calls and emails. He questioned why McCarthy would post pictures of herself on Pfister’s hijacked Facebook page, as she was accused of doing, if she were trying to hide her actions.

Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Reese showed jurors charts linking the harassing calls and messages to numbers and IP addresses associated with McCarthy. She said McCarthy’s actions were like a “Lifetime movie (about) stalking behavior.”

Jurors took a little more than an hour to return the verdict.

Pfister and his parents exchanged hugs with the assistant district attorney after the verdict was announced.

“Hopefully, she’ll get the mental health she needs,” Pfister’s mother, Tina Pfister said. “We’re just glad this is over.”

The family took issue with McCarthy’s contention on the stand that Jason Pfister had a violent temper.

“Our son has never scared anyone in his life,” Tina Pfister said. “She’s a liar.”

Outside the courtroom, McCarthy denied she engaged in any harassment.

“I can’t stop anything that I’m not doing,” she said.

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GREENSBORO — An Apex woman will spend the next two years on probation for using a telephone and computer to harass an ex-boyfriend and his family.

Jurors took about an hour to convict Meghan McCarthy, 25, on misdemeanor counts of making harassing phone calls and emails, computer trespassing and cyberstalking. She was sentenced in Guilford County Superior Court to two suspended 30-day sentences and 2 years probation.

During her trial, McCarthy was accused of using online services to mask her phone and email addresses.

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